Technology created a divide between customer & company.
AdMix bridges that divide.

For businesses today that do engage with their customers and need to get ahead, Admix empowers companies with the knowledge to survive and thrive.

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Engagement Intelligence

We analyse communication channels to give you the competitive edge.

Now combining our intelligence with some great technology partners to supercharge your data.

We offer free integration into your CRM of choice.


Marketing Insights

Know how your marketing efforts are paying off. Offline or online, we've got you covered.

Sales Agent Insights

Analyse and compare your sales & service team members.

Customer Data Mining

Delve deeper and get to know your customers. Enhance your CRM with automated capturing.

Engagement Optimisation

Have engagement status visualised to be geared for improvements.

Speech Analysis

Our powerful AI system gives you more insights into conversations.


Be more confident in your marketing decisions.

Compare apples with apples as you choose between the marketing channels that work for you. We want you to reach more customers by spending less.

  • Compare marketing campaigns with one-another.
  • See performance indicators unique to each area of Marketing.
  • Realtime data with customisable notifications.

Our synergies




Big groups



Traveling sales

Centralised Marketing Distributed Sales


Give your sales team the killer instinct.

Be in sync with your customers. Get the thumbs up you deserve. Sales are successful when your customers like engaging with you. Allow us to be the ace up your sleeve to win their favour

  • Compare any staff member, from teams on mobile phones, to small contact centres.
  • Get real-time insights on staff performance.
  • Workflow options to improve efficiency.

Measurable success

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, AdMix empowers you *with* the most relevant success metrics.


Find out if the engagement is worth the financial investment.


Reaching people is one thing, confirming that it has been meaningful another.

Customer Experience

Satisfied customers spend more and stay loyal for longer. Know where you stand.

Staff Efficiency

Engagement is all about your team putting the best foot forward. Measure and improve it.


The people you reach vs the people you change into customers, see where you have the most victories.

Take AdMix for a spin.

Leverage customer engagement easier than ever.
Become a data-driven company ready for future growth.

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